The Davros is a lightweight (115g / 4oz) tripod converter/mounting base for rifles, optics, cameras and other accessories. It is based upon the head unit of our successful Sentinel.

It is CNC machined from a billet of aerospace quality 7000 series aluminium and given a durable hard anodised finish to create a strong, light and corrosion-resistant unit.

The main purpose of the Davros is to allow existing photographic and hunting tripod systems to gain access to the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System for their rifles, optics and other accessories. It can also be integrated with other Spartan accessories to form a multi-functional mounting system.

The Davros head is specifically designed to be a straight forward retrofit option to existing 1/4 & 3/8 UNC threads found on commercially available tripod and support systems. It simply screws on to the tripod, immediately converting it for use with the full range of Spartan rifle and optics adapters.

For tripod systems using a smaller 1/4" x 20mm photographic thread, we provide a 3/8" to 1/4" UNC conversion bush. This small piece simply threads inside the Davros, changing the thread size to 1/4", making it compatible with a wide range of accessories like the Gen 3 Primos Trigger Sticks.

Attachment to a rifle is achieved by fitting one of the Spartan Classic Adapters, which provide an instant attachment, together with the advantages of increased stability and control.

The design permits a large range of movement from its friction adjustable ball joint, making it suitable for shooting and observing over uneven terrain.

The Davros utilises any standard 12mm Spartan adapter and is also compatible with a wide range of accessories.

Light & Heavy Duty Optics Adapters

Both of these adapters are compatible with the Davros for direct attachment to devices using standard 1/4โ€ female fittings. These sizes are industry standards with the Camera & Optics industry.

Mr G Clamp

When used with the Mr G Clamp, the Davros can solve a range of temporary mounting challenges when working around vehicles, buildings, shooting blinds and tree stands.

Quick Shot Adapter

This is designed to directly fit over the magnetic spigot of the Davros and provides a versatile mount that can be used for snapshots or as multifunctional rest.

The soft polymer arms will flex enough to support and stabilise binoculars for quick observations and can be adapted to support the butt of the rifle if circumstances require.

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