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What's new on the Ascent Gen 2?
What's new on the Ascent Gen 2?
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After listening to our professional field testers and customer feedback, we have made some enhancements to the Ascent tripod, making it an even more formidable tool for mountain and backcountry hunters.

New and improved Davros Pro Head

We have replaced the adjustment levers with twist-style knuled locking knobs giving you silky-smooth pinpoint control of your optics for long and comfortable glassing sessions. A friction control knob has also been added for finetuning the head for optimum stability.

The dedicated pan movement has been improved for smooth and damped control allowing effortless glassing over vast faces and plains.

New Leg Height Options

The Ascent tripod is now available in two leg height options servicing users of different heights and hunting environments. The high-performance legs are now composed of four leg sections, significantly reducing the packed height.

The Ascent Tripod in mountain height can be stored in or on the side of a pack making it ideal for mountain hunters. The Ascent tripod in Woodland height allows even the tallest hunters to make accurate standing shots with a working height of up to 70" / 177cm.

Other Changes

The aluminium centre column features a storage compartment for small cleaning clothes and small accessories like a fire-starting kit. The leg pitch positions have also been optimised and are now 23º, 35º, 51º and 74º.

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