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Ascent Tripod Gen 2 - Product Guide
Ascent Tripod Gen 2 - Product Guide
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In The Kit

Ascent Tripod Body with Davros Pro Head

3 x Ascent Legs (Mountain or Woodland)

Removable Alloy Hook


Your Ascent Tripod comes disassembled. Simply assemble it by screwing the legs into the body of the Ascent by rotating them clockwise.

Operating Instructions

Attaching your rifle

The Ascent tripod comes fitted with our Davros Pro Head Gen 2. In order to attach your rifle, you will need one of our Classic Adapters mounted to your rifle.

Simply locate the spigot into the slot on the adapter. The magnet will ease this process. To remove the rifle from the Davros Pro, firmly pull the rifle upwards from the spigot. Sometimes it can help to push up the underside of the stock with your thumb.

Attaching your optics

Our range of optics adapters will allow you to mount spotting scopes, binoculars, cameras & other devices with standard photographic 1/4-20 UNC or 3/8-16 UNC threads to your Ascent tripod.

Operating the Davros Pro Gen 2 Head

A full guide on operating the Davros Pro Gen 2 Head can be found by clicking the button below.

Leg Pitch Positions

The Ascent features multiple leg pitch positions, allowing you to configure the tripod to comfortably adapt to awkward mountain angles or even for prone shooting. To adjust the leg position, pull out the latch on the shoulder of the leg and move it to the desired angle.

Central Column

An easy to grip knurled collar adjusts and locks a central column that allows you to make fine height adjustments when glassing. Loosen the collar and move the central column to the required height and retighten.


The included hook can be screwed into the base of the centre column to receive weights and further increase stability.

Leg Height Adjustment

Loosen the leg lock with a turn to the left. Pull down or push up the lower leg until the required height is achieved and retighten. Before retightening ensure the leg locks above are fully tightened.

Removing the legs

The legs are designed to be used as trekking poles to improve endurance and aid balance when trekking in the backcountry. Our Trekking Pole Handles can also be fitted for improved comfort.

Every leg that we sell is compatible with the Ascent. This provides you with the ability to configure the system for specific environments and scenarios. Tac Legs could be used to make a mini tripod.


Each Ascent leg is fitted with a tungsten carbide tip and tethered synthetic boot. Gently pull off the synthetic boot to expose the tungsten tip.

Compatible Accessories

Classic Adapters

In order to attach your rifle to the Davros Pro head, you will need one of our Classic Adapters mounted to your rifle.

Heavy Duty Optics Adapter

Turns your Davros head into a super stable optics and camera platform in seconds. The magnetic attachment system gives instant fitting and has an adjustable lever system for extra security.

Light Duty Optics Adapter

Enables you to use your Davros head with lightweight cameras, spotting scopes, or anything else with a ¼”-20 thread.

Binocular Tripod Adapter

Maximise your stability during your next glassing session with our ultralight Binocular Adapter. The low profile design fits in a bino harness and helps you utilise the stability of your Davros Heads and Spartan tripods by attaching your binoculars in seconds using the MagnaSwitch attachment system.

Trekking Pole Handles

Our pole handles attach quickly and easily and are made from durable materials. They are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip with the added security of adjustable padded wrist straps.

Snow Baskets & Spikes

A great addition to our trekking poles for snow or soft ground.

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