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SpringBok Bipod
Springbok Bipod - Product Guide
Springbok Bipod - Product Guide
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In the kit

  • SpringBok Bipod

  • Classic Rifle Adapter

  • 6 x Ferritic Steel Screws

    • 10 Gauge x 1" Wood Screw

    • 10/32 x 1/2" Engineering Screw

    • 10/32 x 5/8" Engineering Screw

    • 10/32 x 3/4” Engineering Screw

    • 10/32 x 1" Engineering Screw

    • M5 x Engineering Screw

  • 3 x Synthetic Mounting Plates

  • 3mm Hex/Allen Key

Installation & Operating Instructions

The SpringBok bipod utilizes the MagnaSwitch attachment system and as such works with any of the MagnaSwitch adapter. The Springbok bipod now comes with our Classic Rifle Adapter as standard. Please take a look at this article for Classic Rifle adapter installation.

Attaching and removing the bipod

To attach the bipod to the rifle, locate the bipod's spigot into the slot on the adapter. The magnet will ease this process and retain the bipod in the adapter. To remove the bipod from the rifle, firmly pull the bipod downwards from the adapter.

Positional adjustments

The SpringBok bipod features an innovative silicone body reinforced with spring steel. This design allows for extremely quick elevation and pitch changes without the need for mechanical adjustments or moving latches.

It's ideal for fast-paced hunts where you might be engaging multiple targets and need to quickly switch from a seated to kneeling, or even to a high prone position.

Leg Height Adjustment

Wrap your little finger, ring finger & middle finger around the carbon of the lower leg to prevent it from rotating. Grip the collar with the Index finger & thumb and loosen the collar of the leg by turning to the left. Drawdown or push up the lower leg until the required height is achieved and retighten.


Each bipod leg is fitted with a tungsten carbide tip and tethered synthetic boot. Gently pull off the synthetic boot to expose the tungsten tip.

Changing Legs

The legs from the Springbok Bipod can be unscrewed by rotating them anti-clockwise and replaced with any of the Spartan M14 leg options.

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