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How do I cancel my Spriggy Family membership?
How do I cancel my Spriggy Family membership?

Find out how to cancel your Spriggy Family membership.

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How do I cancel my Spriggy Family membership?

We’re sorry you’re thinking about cancelling your membership. We hope you’ve loved using Spriggy, and we’ll miss you when you’re gone.

To cancel your membership, you first need to submit a cancellation request either in-app, via email or through web-chat.

Next, we’ll need to verify that you’re the Spriggy Family membership holder. To make this easier, we recommend you contact us in-app via your Parent Login.

  1. Using your Parent Login on the Spriggy app, go to Settings.

  2. Tap on 'Help & Legal' and then choose 'Cancel Spriggy'.

  3. Tap 'Cancel a child' or ‘Cancel Spriggy’.

  4. Tap ‘Send Us a message’.

  5. Select 'Cancelling :(' from the options.

It usually takes up to 2 business days to process a cancellation, but in some circumstances it may take a little longer.

Please try not to submit your request on the day your fees are due. If your most recent fees are deducted while your request is waiting to be processed, don’t worry. We’ll return them to you.

If you have any questions you can contact us in-app, via web chat or you can email us at

If the money left in your Parent Wallet and on your kid(s)’ prepaid Visa card(s) is $10 or less, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee up to $10. If you have more than $10 left, the money will be refunded into your Connected Account. ​​See the PDS and Product T&Cs for more details.

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