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How do I remove a child from my Spriggy Family membership?
How do I remove a child from my Spriggy Family membership?

Steps to remove a child from your Spriggy Family membership.

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We hope that your child has loved using Spriggy to learn how to earn, save and spend responsibly.

To remove your child’s membership, you first need to submit a cancellation request either in-app, via email or through web-chat on the Spriggy website.

Next, we’ll need to verify that you’re the Spriggy Family membership holder. To make this easier, we recommend you contact us in-app via your Parent Login.

  1. Using your Parent Login on the Spriggy app, go to ‘Settings’.

  2. Tap on 'Help & Legal' and then choose 'Cancel Spriggy'.

  3. Tap 'Cancel a child'

  4. Tap ‘Send Us a message’

  5. Select 'Cancelling :(' and tap ‘Cancel individual children’.

It can take around 1 business day to remove a child from your membership, but usually it’s much quicker.

Any remaining balance on your kid’s card will be directed to your Parent Wallet (if you still have other kids using Spriggy) or refunded back to your Connected Account if it’s $10 or more.

If you have any questions, please contact us via in-app chat, web chat or you can email us at

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