Spriggy Pocket Money is a pocket money card and app to help parents teach kids about money. The pocket money card is a prepaid VISA card for kids (aged 6-17). The Spriggy app is designed for both parents and kids to use together. The app lets parents manage pocket money easily and it helps kids learn how to earn, save and spend smart. Kids can use their Spriggy card to spend online or in-store.

At Spriggy, our mission is to help families raise money-smart kids.


  • Fast, easy setup - Get your kids up and running with Spriggy in just a few minutes.

  • One app, two logins - A secure app with separate logins for parents and kids. Parents, you can manage and send money to multiple kids using the app, and your kids can manage their money and learn how to earn, save and spend smart with Spriggy’s features.

  • Instant Transfer - Send money to your kid’s Spriggy card in minutes from your Parent Wallet. Perfect in an emergency.

  • Monitor spending - Easily check your kids’ balances, monitor their transactions and get real-time spend notifications. We’ll also send you a text if your child’s transaction is declined due to insufficient funds.

  • Card lock - Lock and unlock your child’s card at the tap of a button. This ensures their card isn’t misused if it gets lost, and you can instantly unlock it if they find it again.

  • Automatic transfers - Schedule weekly or fortnightly pocket money transfers so you never forget to pay their allowance again.

  • Savings & Goals - Set your kids goals to encourage them to be smart savers.

  • Spending limits - Spriggy cards have spending limits up to $1000 (See more about card and Parent Wallet limits)

  • Safe spending - We have merchant restrictions in place, so Spriggy cards only work in age-appropriate places.

  • Jobs - Parents, you can set your kids paid or unpaid jobs to teach them the value of earning money.

  • No overdrafts - Kids can only spend money on their Spriggy cards.

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