Spriggy Family Groups is a feature of Spriggy Pocket Money that lets Primary Parents share a child's Spriggy with family or close friends by inviting them to become an Additional Parent.

An Additional Parent can contribute funds to a shared child's Spriggy Card, Savings and Goals at any time, see the shared child's Savings, spending and also set them Jobs and Goals.

An Additional Parent will sign up to their separate Parent Wallet (issued by Indue, please refer to the PDS) that enables them to:

  • Have their own Parent Login and separate Parent Wallet.

  • View the shared child's balances and transactions.

  • Contribute to Savings, Goals or directly to a shared child's Child Card.

  • Set up Jobs and Goals.

It is important to note that Additional Parents do not have full authority over a shared child and as such an Additional Parent cannot:

  • Access funds once they have been transferred into a child's Savings, Goals or Spriggy Card.

  • Set or reset the Child Login.

  • Order a Replacement Card.

  • Set or reset the Child Card PIN.

  • Lock or unlock a Child Card.

  • Edit Jobs or Goals set up by the Primary Parent.

And can have their access revoked by the Primary Parent at any time.

For further information regarding Family Groups, please go to www.spriggy.com.au/terms and review the Parent Wallet PDS.

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