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Thinking about upgrading to Spriggy SPRK? Here’s what you need to know
Thinking about upgrading to Spriggy SPRK? Here’s what you need to know

Everything you need to know about the brand new, Spriggy SPRK experience, built and designed for teenagers

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The Spriggy team has spent a year speaking with families and testing ideas with a small group of members to understand what Spriggy kids need as they become teenagers. We are now super excited to spread the word about the new Spriggy SPRK feature set, available to Spriggy members with kids aged 13 or over. This article should help you understand what has changed with Spriggy SPRK and give you a sneak peek into what you can look forward to in the future.

How do I get access to Spriggy SPRK?

Spriggy SPRK is currently only available for Spriggy members with kids aged 13 or over. If you’re eligible, the upgrade process can be kicked off by the child or parent via the Spriggy App. If you’re keen to be part of the trial, you can reach out to us via the Spriggy App.

To ensure risk is minimised for Spriggy and our members, the new features require us to verify the identity of the parent of each of our SPRK members before the additional features can be accessed in the Spriggy app. If you have any issues through the verification, our team will be able to assist you.

Access to BSB and Account Number

Kids upgraded to Spriggy SPRK can receive payments from a third party using the BSB and account number associated with their Spriggy Visa prepaid card. These transfers will be paid directly to the child’s Spriggy prepaid card and usually settle within 3 business days. You should be aware that the child’s Spriggy card still has a limit of $999 and payments that will cause this limit to be exceeded will not be successful. Where a payment fails, funds will be returned to the payer. To avoid exceeding the $999 limit, parents may want to encourage their SPRK to keep money in their Spriggy Savings which will have a higher combined limit (see more below).

Should the Spriggy Visa prepaid card change, due to being lost or stolen or a request for a new card design, the BSB and Account number will change. If this occurs, the teen will need to update their BSB and Account number with their employer or other third parties that pay money into their account.

Higher Family Balance (including Savings and Savings Goals)

As part of upgrading one or more of your children to Spriggy SPRK, the limit of the Parent Wallet will be increased to $4,999. This limit includes all amounts in your family’s Savings and Savings Goals, as well as any other funds in your Parent Wallet. This means your whole Spriggy family will have a higher overall balance limit.

Once upgraded to Spriggy SPRK, the Spriggy Visa prepaid card limit will however remain at $999. To avoid hitting the $999 card limit, either a parent or the teen can move money to the teen’s Savings or create and contribute to Savings Goals. Note that this is still subject to the overall Parent Wallet limit not exceeding $4,999.

The increased Parent Wallet limit applies to the primary Parent only and does not affect the Parent Wallet for any Additional Parent User.

ATM access

Spriggy SPRK users are able to withdraw money from ATMs up to a limit of $250 a day. If your child is using this feature, make sure they select “credit” at the terminal. Remember that ATM fees may apply at some ATMs (these are set and charged by the ATM provider, not Spriggy or the product issuer).

Spriggy SPRK as a parent or child

As a Spriggy parent, if you decide that Spriggy SPRK is right for your child, you will be able to continue supporting their Spriggy journey through the same Spriggy parent app. This means you can continue sending money, setting Pocket Money and creating Savings Goals for your older kids, as well as have oversight over their transactions and the ability to lock and unlock their Spriggy card. As kids get older and look for their first job, members have told us that our “Jobs” feature is no longer appropriate. For now, we have removed Jobs for SPRK but if you feel like this was the wrong decision, please let us know.

For SPRK, it’s important to remember that even with the additional features your Spriggy parent will still have access to and oversight over your Spriggy card, Savings and Savings Goals. This includes the ability to transfer funds from your Spriggy card to the Parent Wallet, or from your Savings or Savings Goals. If your parent transfers funds from your card, Savings or Savings Goals, they may no longer be available to you.

Limits still apply

We’ve already mentioned the $999 Prepaid Card Limit and increased $4,999 Parent Wallet Limit above, but it’s also important to remember that the other product limits will still apply (such as the minimum, maximum, daily and annual load limits for the Parent Wallet, and the $10,000 annual load limit for the Prepaid Card). You can see details of these limits in the Product T&Cs which are available at

13+ Age Limit

The work we have done with families suggests that Spriggy SPRK could help with a perfect transition for kids as they turn 13. We have kept all the things that older kids value about Spriggy but also included functionality that will continue to prepare them for financial independence.

The additional features are currently only available for members with kids aged 13 or older. We’re constantly looking at improving the Spriggy experience, so if this changes in the future we’ll be sure to update this page.

Peer-to-peer transfers

The most common way for SPRK to “transfer” money right now is via cash and this is a fading commodity! With Spriggy SPRK kids are able to send and receive payments with other kids using Spriggy SPRK instantly. Parents will be able to oversee this first entry into the world of social payments by viewing transfer activity in their child’s transaction history in the Spriggy app. For more information on how your Spriggy Teen can use this feature check out this article.

You may request at any time to have this feature turned off for your Teen(s) by reaching out to our support team.

Important Information

Visa and the Visa brand mark are registered trademarks of Visa Worldwide Pte Limited. Rivva Pty Ltd (ABN 86 603 542 918, AFSL 513762) (Spriggy) has been appointed as a third-party agent of Indue Ltd (ABN 97 087 822 464, AFSL 320204) based in Brisbane, Australia, the issuer of the Spriggy Prepaid Card and Parent Wallet. See Spriggy’s FSG. Consider the updated Product Disclosure Statement, Product Terms and Conditions and the Target Market Determination to ensure the product is right for you. Spriggy Terms and Conditions also apply. Fees & charges apply. Any advice provided is general in nature and does not take into consideration your objectives, needs or financial situation. Before acting on any advice consider its appropriateness. See full terms.

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