Family life is busy, it’s messy and when you need support you want it fast and hassle free. We get it and we are committed to delivering it to you.

This is why our Member Help service is all digital.

A digital-first Member Help service allows us to ensure we can support all our members as and when they need it. Our Member Help service automatically directs you as quickly as possible to the answer you need, which could be straight to the next available Member Help Expert, one of our many frequently asked questions or by gathering more information so we can get you the answer you need as soon as possible.

Best of all, it ensures that any urgent problems are addressed as quickly as possible.

Doesn't that sound better than waiting for someone to answer the phone.

If you need to contact us, please reach out via in-app chat, the chat button in the bottom right of this screen, or see all available ways to contact Spriggy.

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