While the Spriggy Pocket Money app is technically the same, logging in with a Child Login provides an experience tailored to help kids learn and removes all the family management features that are exclusive to logging in using a Parent Login.

Logging in with a Child Login lets your children:

  • Transfer money between their Spriggy Card and Savings.

  • Set themselves savings Goals.

  • Request approval for completed Jobs.

  • Get real-time spending history to keep track of where they have been spending their money.

Kids won't be able to see any information about their siblings or parent. There are some things that aren't meant for their eyes!

Logging in with a Child Login gives kids the opportunity to feel financially independent, while also giving parents full control to support their learning.

We have spent a lot of time speaking with parents about how we can improve the features found via the Parent Login but would love to hear from kids to see where we can make Spriggy Pocket Money better for them.

Keep an eye out for our contact as we look for Spriggy kids to help us make these improvements!

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