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How do I find a Spriggy verification amount?
How do I find a Spriggy verification amount?

Steps to locate a Spriggy verification figure on your bank statement.

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To verify your Connected Account, we debit or deposit a small amount of money into your bank account.

How to find your verification figure:

  1. You’ll need the bank statement or transaction history of the account you’re trying to connect.

  2. Look through your transactions on the date we messaged you. The verification deposit should have “Spriggy” in the name of the transaction.

  3. Search for the small amount we debited from or deposited in your account (this will be less than $1.00)

Look for a transaction from Spriggy:

  • Banking example

  • Online banking example

Please note:

  • You will find this amount on your bank statement for your Connected Account, not in the Spriggy app.

    • If you’ve connected a debit card, the verification deposit amount should appear on your statement within a few minutes.

    • If you’ve connected a bank account, the verification deposit amount could take up to 3 business days to appear on your statement.

Found your verification figure?

Great! Now you just need to respond to our request with the exact transaction amount (e.g. $0.02), and we can verify your account

How to send us your verification amount:

  1. Log into Spriggy using your Primary Parent Login.

  2. Tap ‘Settings’ in the top right corner.

  3. Tap ‘Help & Legal’, then ‘Contact Member Help’.

  4. Tap ‘See all your conversations’

  5. Select the conversation where we requested the verification figure.

  6. Reply with the verification figure that appeared on your bank statement.

If multiple figures have been requested, please let us know which Connected Account they relate to, e.g. $0.01 for xx12, $0.02 for xx23 and $0.03 for xx45.

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