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3 unique ways Trip Organizers sell more with Add Ons
3 unique ways Trip Organizers sell more with Add Ons

Every group trip is unique. With Add Ons, trip packages and offerings can be configured in so many unique ways.

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Discover 3 ways you can use Add Ons to configure your trip and sell more

SquadTrip released a much needed update to Add Ons: Travelers can now purchase multiple quantities of the same Add On, which means you can sell more and configure trips in more dynamic ways.

#1 Extend trip days

If travelers want to extend their stay by a few days, they can purchase an “Additional Night(s)” add on. If they want to stay multiple nights, they can increase the quantity!

Example Explained

The trip below is a destination wedding for 4 nights.

  • The package is $1,000 per person for a room that fits up to 4 guests.

  • They've purchased 4 Airport Shuttle add-ons so each guest can get to and from the airport.

  • Each guest would also like to stay an additional 5 days after the wedding weekend is over. They’ve purchased 5 nights for each of the 4 guests (20 total additional nights).

💡 Pro Tip: Add ons can also be purchased after checkout in their traveler portal. Adding additional nights can be done even after they've booked the initial trip!

#2 Selling merch

Have a group t-shirt, hat, or other cool swag you’re selling? Add the quantity and product description to start selling without the need of a traditional e-comm inventory system.

Example Explained

Each year, the group has a souvenir t-shirt that they sell. At the end of the trip, they take an annual group photo with the shirts. At checkout, they're offering shirts and hats with different sizes.

  • The trip organizer created an "Other" Add On for each t-shirt size

  • They've added a unique set of quantities available to sell for each size

  • The water bottle is already sold out so no one can purchase that product anymore.

    • But if someone returns the water bottle, then it will automatically be restocked and available to sell.

#3 Event style tickets

Selling a family reunion event with multiple optional events and ticket types? Create a general admission package with a la carte events priced per guest.

Example Explained

A family of 3 is going to a family reunion!

  • The family reunion organizer set up a general admission 'trip package' for the adult tickets.

  • The 'traveler' is purchasing 2 adult general admission 'trip packages' for the parents and an 'Admit Add'l Child' add-on for their child.

  • The 'traveler' is purchasing 3 Welcome Party Dinner party for the whole family.

  • The 'traveler' is purchasing 2 Casino Night add-ons for the adults.

With Add Ons, the family reunion organizer was able to customize the different event and ticket options. The family is able to purchase based on their preferences and needs.

Other common use cases

Because Add Ons have no price or quantity limit, they offer the most flexibility in trip configuration. Some other common use cases we’ve seen:

  • Selling optional excursions and activities

  • Offering flight booking consultations

  • Collecting trip insurance premium

  • All-inclusive meal plans

  • Transportation options

  • Concierge services

👉 Check out this article to learn how to incorporate Add Ons to your trip.

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