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Use these 3 SquadTrip pricing tools to strategically price and promote your trip
Use these 3 SquadTrip pricing tools to strategically price and promote your trip

Cost is one of the primary reasons a traveler will decide to or not to go on a trip. Use promo codes and hide processing fees to sell more.

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Combine these 3 key pricing features to positively influence your traveler's purchasing decision

As a Trip Organizer, your top priorities are to curate one-of-a-kind experiences for your travelers and to sell out your packages.

SquadTrip equips you with a trio of powerful pricing features that can make you an expert marketer and pricing strategist.

Check out how we follow 3 key pricing principles using the following features:

#1 Anchor Pricing with Sort Ordered Packages

Anchor Pricing relies on setting an initial "anchor" price to influence the traveler’s perception of value

When it comes to pricing, presentation and order matters. SquadTrip allows you to sort order packages, ensuring they appear in a specific sequence on the trip page.

As an organizer, this means you can strategically arrange your packages, showcasing higher-cost, premium options first. This not only directs travelers' attention towards your most profitable offerings but also influences their perception of value.

By guiding travelers toward more affordable options last, you can increase the likelihood of them choosing higher-priced packages, thus maximizing your revenue.

👉 How to use package sort ordering: After you've created your packages, click the arrows to move the package up or down in in the list.

#2 Charm Pricing with Hidden Processing Fees

Charm pricing is when you set prices just below the next whole number (e.g., $1,299 or $1,390). This creates the perception of value and speaks to budget-savvy travelers.

One of the most valuable weapons in your pricing arsenal is the ability to "hide" processing fees from travelers. In most scenarios, the processing fee can be a potential point of friction for travelers, affecting their perception of your trip's value.

With this feature, you have full control over who pays the processing fees. You can choose to absorb these fees, ensuring that travelers won't see an additional processing fee at checkout.

When this feature is enabled, the fees are baked into the face value cost of the package. This way, you know exactly what your travelers will see at check out and you can leverage the Charm Pricing principle.

By doing this, you set the stage for a more seamless and satisfying booking experience, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

👉 How to absorb processing fees: When you're building packages, you'll see a question called "Who pays the processing fee?". Select "Organizer pays".

More information about processing fee handling can be found here.

#3 Discount Urgency with Custom Promo Codes

Promo codes and discounts prompt quicker purchasing decisions and encourages travelers to seize the limited-time offers you provide.

When you set package and add-on prices, consider leaving enough room to offer promo codes and discounts. Plan these campaigns and promotions around holidays, influencer programs, or referral discounts.

👉 How to create a promo code: Click "Company Stats" in the navigation. On the left, you'll see "Promo Code". Select the trip and packages you want to offer promo codes for.

For each code, you can:

  • Limited quantity or unlimited quantity so you can create exclusivity

  • Expiration dates so you can create time sensitivity

  • Indicate a percentage discount

  • Indicate a specific dollar amount discount

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