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Offering Trip Add Ons

Learn how to offer additional benefits for travelers and create flexibility in trip configuration with add ons.

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Intended Audience: Trip Organizers who want to offer their travelers additional experiences, excursions, days, or products to purchase separate from the main package.

Article Summary: Learn how to offer trip Add Ons and how your traveler is able to purchase Add Ons.

Table of Contents:

What is an Add On?

An "Add On" is an optional item or service that travelers can purchase in addition to their base package. These extras can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of your travelers and trip structure.

Whether it's an optional excursion, a premium meal option, or extended stay accommodation, add ons allow you to offer a more personalized and flexible experience to your travelers.

How do I offer Add Ons?

Offering Add Ons can be done in your Trip Builder at any time.

  1. Either Create a New Trip or Choose a Trip that you've already created.

  2. On Trip Builder menu, look for the Add Ons tab.

    1. Here, you can create and manage your add ons. For each add on, you'll need to provide the following information:

      • Category: The type of Add On you're offering (e.g Flights, Meals, Airport Shuttle, or Other)

      • Title: The name or title of the add on (e.g Flight Concierge or Extended Day)

      • Description: A brief description of the add on, detailing what it includes. (e.g 30 minute guide on booking flights based on your destination)

      • Cost: The additional cost travelers will pay for purchasing this add on. Cost is priced per quantity and per add on.

      • Quantity: Unlimited or a set number available to purchase

      • Sort Order: This allows you to control the order in which the add ons appear when travelers are making their selections.

  3. Save Changes: Make sure to save your changes once you've added all the desired add ons.

How do travelers purchase Add Ons?

Travelers can easily purchase add ons through the following methods:

At Checkout: When travelers book their trip, they have the option to select Add Ons during the checkout process.

☝️ Reminder: Add Ons should be priced per traveler, per quantity.

Travelers who are paying for two people might want to purchase two add ons to ensure everyone in the reservation purchased the add on.

Within their Traveler Portal: Travelers can also purchase Add Ons within their traveler portal after booking.

In the traveler portal, they can explore and purchase add ons subject to availability. If an item is sold out, they will see a "Sold Out" label and will not be able to purchase unless the Add On has been returned by another traveler or the quantity has been increased by the Trip Organizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add or remove add ons from my trip packages after they've been published

Yes, you can edit your trip packages and add or remove add ons at any time through the Trip Builder. Deleted Add Ons that have been purchased by other travelers will be marked as "Sold Out" so no new purchases can be made. Travelers who purchased the Add On will continue to be charged unless they are refunded.

Do I need to create add ons for every trip I offer?

No, it's entirely up to you. You can choose to offer different add ons for different trips based on the preferences of your travelers and the nature of each trip.

Are add ons refundable if a traveler decides to cancel them?

Add-Ons can be removed and refunded by the traveler in their portal as long as they still have a balance due on their account. If there's a balance due on their account, the refund will reduce their remaining payment installments.

If the traveler has a balance due that is less than the cost of the Add-On or is paid in full, then the traveler must contact the Trip Organizer to request a refund.

How do I set limits on the availability of certain add ons?

You can control the availability of add ons by setting limits on the number of each add on available in the Trip Builder. Once the limit is reached, travelers will not be able to purchase that specific add on. If a traveler cancels or returns an Add On that was marked as Sold Out, then the Add On will automatically be made available to sell to a new traveler.

How do I know the quantity of Add Ons my traveler purchased?

In your SquadTrip account, go to Company Stats. Search for your guest name and view their Account details. In their purchase summary, if they've purchased more than one Add On you'll see the quantity next to the Add On name ( e.g Flight Concierge x2)

Another way to view quantity is going to Company Stats and selecting Add On Details on the left hand menu. This will show you a list of Add On purchases and a quantity column.

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