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How to draft and send a Scheduled Message to a group of travelers
How to draft and send a Scheduled Message to a group of travelers

Scheduled Messages makes it easy to draft a series of emails to be scheduled and sent to travelers at a later time.

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Intended Audience: Trip Organizers who want to nurture their traveler relationships by sending email updates and reminders to travelers using the Scheduled Messages feature.

Article Summary: Learn how to draft, schedule, and send Scheduled Messages - a new feature available with the Premium subscription plan.

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What are Scheduled Messages?

Scheduled Messages empowers organizers to create, customize, and schedule email bulk communications to travelers on a specific trip. This tool offers an efficient way to engage with travelers by sending tailored updates, reminders, and important information.

How do I draft a Scheduled Message?

Creating a Scheduled Message is easy and flexible:

  1. Access the Trip Builder: Log in to your account and access the Trip Builder where you'll find the "Scheduled Messages" tab.

  2. Create a New Email: Click the button "+ Add New Message" to open a new email draft.

  3. Customize Your Email: Tailor your message to suit your needs. You can specify:

    1. The sender's name

    2. Reply-to email

    3. Filter which travelers should receive the email based on payment statuses and trip packages

    4. Customize fonts, colors, add images, and attach files to make your message engaging and informative

  4. Set the Schedule: Choose the date when you want the email to be sent.

    1. All scheduled messages are sent at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time

  5. Send a Test Email: Before scheduling the message, you can send a test email to an email of your choice.

  6. Schedule: Once you're satisfied with your Scheduled Message, hit the "Schedule email" button. Your email will be sent to travelers at the designated date at 10:00am EST.

Frequently Asked Questions

What email is the email sent from? Can I change this?

All emails sent from the SquadTrip platform will be from At this time, you cannot change this. However, all replies to the email will be sent to the reply-to email you've selected when you set the email up.

What does the email look like that my traveler will receive?

Travelers will receive an email with your logo at the top and your message in the body of the email. See screenshot below. If you do not have a logo, then SquadTrip logo will appear.

Can I schedule recurring messages?

Currently, this feature supports one-time scheduling. You can, however, duplicate emails and scheduled additional messages for recurring communications.

Is there a limit to the number of Scheduled Messages I can create for a trip?

There is no specific limit on the number of Scheduled Messages you can create. We recommend being mindful of the volume and frequency of messages to avoid overwhelming your travelers.

Can I edit or cancel a Scheduled Message after it's been scheduled?

Yes, you can edit or cancel a Scheduled Message as long as it's before the scheduled send time. Simply go to the "Scheduled Messages" tab, locate the message, click the "Edit" icon and "Save as draft" to unschedule the message.

Can I set up automated emails based on traveler booking and payment history?

At this time, you can only schedule based on a specific date. We are actively working on additional features to support emailing travelers based on their purchase and booking behavior.

What time are emails sent?

All scheduled emails are sent at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time.

Can I send emails to travelers who aren't going on the trip or who went on a different trip?

At this time, you can only send messages to travelers that are registered for a specific trip. However, you can send Scheduled Messages to trips that have happened in the past or are no longer active. If you want to invite travelers who went on a previous trip with you, you can go to the past trip's Trip Builder and create a Scheduled Message from there.

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