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What is SquadTrip Concierge

SquadTrip Concierge is a done-for-you client services program. SquadTrip handles trip configuration and traveler management for you.

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Intended Audience: Trip Organizers who want to learn more about SquadTrip Concierge and how the SquadTrip Customer Success team can help assist in trip configuration and traveler management.

Article Summary: SquadTrip Concierge is a high-touch customer experience where Trip Organizers get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who handles trip configuration and traveler management. Concierge is included with Premium subscription. Once a Premium subscription is purchased, Trip Organizers will receive an email from their Customer Success Manager to schedule an onboarding call.

Table of Contents:

What is SquadTrip Concierge?

SquadTrip Concierge is the assistant you've been looking for to support your growing group travel business.

Trip Organizers subscribed to a Premium subscription receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager that configures your trip in SquadTrip and manages traveler booking accounts within a pre-approved guideline.

How do I sign up and get started?

  1. Sign up for the Premium subscription within your SquadTrip account

  2. Book an onboarding call with your Customer Success Manager so you can

    1. Discuss the details about your upcoming trip(s)

    2. Discuss the guidelines for basic traveler FAQs

    3. Create a list of pre-approved actions SquadTrip can take on your behalf (refunding, package switching, discounts, etc.)

  3. Send your traveler questions to and we'll handle the rest

What is not included in Concierge?

Concierge is designed to help you configure your trip page, settings, and payment options within SquadTrip. In addition, we help manage traveler accounts based on the outlined guidelines you provide prior to launching your trip.

SquadTrip is not responsible for planning any part of the trip. SquadTrip does not handle supplier management or paying suppliers. All supplier communications, booking, and payment must be handled by the Trip Organizer. SquadTrip will handle publishing the trip page and managing traveler inquiries and account management within SquadTrip.

Can I cancel the service?

Yes! SquadTrip Concierge is included in your Premium subscription along with priority customer support. If you no longer feel the need for added administrative support for your trip configuration and traveler management, you can always downgrade your account to the Launch subscription.

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