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How to change package options for travelers
How to change package options for travelers

Changing packages makes it easy to update a traveler's package without cancellation and re-booking. Trip Organizers can submit changes.

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Intended Audience: For Trip Organizers who want to upgrade, downgrade, or change a traveler’s purchased package without requiring them to cancel and re-book the trip.

Article Summary: If a traveler wants to change the package option they’ve already purchased, you can switch their package within their account details. Click “Change Package” and you’ll be able to select a new package from a list of packages with available inventory. Travelers will receive a confirmation email to approve the change. Their total balance due will automatically adjust. There are certain instances when packages cannot be switched.

Table of Contents:

What is Package Changing?

Package Changing is a feature that lets you switch your traveler’s package to a different package option without having to cancel or refund their reservation on the trip.

This oftentimes occurs when they originally purchased a Single Occupancy package and now want to bring their friend and change to Double Occupancy – or vice versa.

Scenarios when you cannot change packages

Package changes can only occur when a traveler has a remaining balance on their account and does not require a refund. Packages cannot be changed if:

  1. The package change will result in a refund to the traveler because the new package cost less than what the traveler has already paid to date.

  2. If the package has been canceled

  3. The package change will reduce their remaining installments below $35 which is the minimum single transaction amount allowed on SquadTrip.

  4. There is a difference in a number of installments in the payment plan between the current package and the one to be switched to.

  5. The package that we wish to switch to has been sold out.

  6. If the package is connected to the addon or promo code specific to that package and no other package from the same trip.

☝️Important Note: In case the Organizer has a package without a set payment plan, that package will not be shown in the list of packages that can be switched to.

In the scenarios described above, Trip Organizers should:

  1. Organizer can refund the difference and then packages can be switched

  2. Instruct the traveler to purchase the new package

  3. Cancel the trip and ask the traveler to buy the new package. In case the traveler has funds connected to the first package (that had to be canceled) organizer can keep the funds and give the traveler a promo code in the amount of the money kept.
    Or the Organizer can refund the traveler for the canceled trip.

  4. The same as number 3

  5. Update the quantity of the package.

  6. Contact Squad Trip

How do I change a package for my traveler?

  1. Go to Company Stats and locate the traveler in the Attendee Table

  2. Click on the traveler’s name to view their Account Details

  3. Click Change Package on the righthand menu

  4. Click on the current package to view a list of available packages the traveler can switch to

  5. Identify the new package the traveler wants to switch to

  6. Select the package

  7. Click Save

  8. You’ll see a preview of the change summary and approval request email that will be sent to the traveler.

  9. Click Confirm Changes

  10. You can add a special note to the email

    Also, if we click show e-mail we will see how that email is gonna look for the traveler.

  11. Send the approval email so your traveler can review the change and approve the package change. When we click send, we still have 5 minutes to maybe change our mind and undo the sending. After 5 minutes the e-mail will be sent.

    This 5-minute wait is just a precautionary measure in case we wish to change some data. In case we are sure we can click the button "OK" and skip the 5-minute wait.

  12. When the e-mail has been sent the Trip organizers will also receive a copy of this email.

  13. When a Traveler accepts/refuses the package change, the Organizer will receive an e-mail saying that the Traveler accepted/refused the package switching

☝️Important Note: Travelers are required to approve the package change to limit the risk for transaction disputes. If you have written approval from your traveler, you can bypass this step by approving the change on their behalf. To do this, you can click approve in the email copy you’ve received.

After we sent the e-mail we have a new table in the Traveler Payment Details page. This is Traveler history and the Organizer can follow here all the changes regarding package switching for this traveler.

What happens to the traveler’s account?

Once the package change has been approved:

  1. The total balance owed is adjusted based on what they’ve already paid and the new package cost.

    1. New Package Cost – Amount Paid To Date = Total Balance Owed

  2. Their payment plan amounts will automatically adjust to ensure the total balance due is paid by the payment plan end date.

  3. They will also have a new button Trip History where they can see the changes regarding package switching. Same as on the Traveler Payment Details page in company stats.

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