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How Travelers can cancel a trip reservation
How Travelers can cancel a trip reservation

This article describes how Travelers can cancel their trip reservation.

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Intended Audience: Travelers who want to cancel their trip or Trip Organizers who want to help their Travelers.

Article Summary: Travelers have the option to cancel their trip directly from their account without the need to contact the Organizer. In traveler profile - Trip details we have a button "Cancel My Booking".

Table of Contents:

How do I cancel my booking?

Travelers can cancel their booking directly from their profile by using "Cancel my booking"


"Cancel My Booking" Button

Under the summary on the left side, there's a "Cancel My Booking" button. Travelers should click "Cancel My Booking" if they want to:

  • Cancel booking

  • See the Refund Policy

Example Explained: Cancel My Booking

In the example below, the traveler wants to cancel his booking โ€“ using the "Cancel My Booking" button

  1. Open the Payment page of your trip

  2. Click on the "Cancel My Booking" button

  3. A new pop-up will be shown

  4. In the field write the word "cancel"

๐Ÿ’กIt is important to insert the word as seen in the pop-up, all letters low keys.

5. Click the button "Yes, Cancel Reservation" to confirm the choice

6. After the confirmation we have the following changes

  • All the installments have the label "Cancelled"

  • In the summary on the left side Remaining Balance is changed to 0

  • On the booking page, we have a label that the trip has been canceled

๐Ÿ’กIn this pop up we can check the Refund policy of this company

Requesting a refund for the canceled trip

There will be cases where the Refund policy states that in case of cancelation, the company needs to refund the traveler. In this scenario, the traveler needs to contact the organizer. Details on how to do this are shown in the example.

Example Explained: Cancel My Booking with refund request

  1. First, we cancel the trip (steps shown above)

  2. On the payment page click button "Contact the Organizer"

  3. A new pop-up will be shown with the Organizer e-mail address

  4. After we insert the Subject and text we can send the e-mailโ€‹

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