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Sign up to SQUID today

Signing you business up to SQUID is really simple and straightforward.

Simply create and account and set up your profile. Once we receive your application, we will approve it and get your SQUID tag and marketing materials sent out to you!

Have some questions?

If you would like to speak to a member of the team, simply book a demo below!

We will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will also be able to help you complete your application.

Some of our frequently asked questions

How does the SQUID tag work?

The SQUID tag is powered by an NFC chip. It requires no Wi-Fi, battery, till integration or 3G from a customers phone to work. The customer's phone must have NFC technology in order to be able to collect stamps. The customer simply taps their phone off the SQUID tag to collect a stamp.

What does a customer journey look like from signup to first stamp?

Simplicity is key. All a customer needs to do to join your new loyalty programme on SQUID is:

  • Download SQUID on their phone through the Apple or Google Play Store

  • Tap your SQUID tag off their phone in store. (They can collect their first stamp without creating an account, once they have collected their first stamp they will need to create an account)

  • Done!

Do we get branding on the app?

Every NFC tag is specifically encoded to the business it represents. Once a customer taps your SQUID tag, your loyalty card with your design and logo will appear. You will also get access to your own personalised in-app profile where you are able to showcase more of your business' background and story.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing page provides a detailed breakdown of the price structure as well as the features and benefits included with each subscription pack. Please select either Euro or GBP below to be redirected to our pricing page.

What is SQUID?

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