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How SQUID Works
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Collecting stamps

The process of collecting a SQUID stamp couldn’t be easier!🦑

You must have the SQUID app downloaded on your phone before tapping the SQUID tag. For help downloading the SQUID app click here.

Tapping with the SQUID tag is only possible with NFC technology. This is present on the majority of modern smartphones but must be enabled by the phone owner.

The basic steps are as follows:

Once the phone is close enough to the SQUID tag, stamps can easily be collected by tapping the phone off the SQUID tag.

Note: Bulky phone cases or holding cards at the back of your phone can interfere with successfully tapping the SQUID tag.

If you are experiencing issues tapping, please restart the app and remove any phone case

If your phone is not picking up the SQUID tag, please search where the NFC scanner is located in your phone and tap as close to the NFC as possible.

Many phone's NFC is placed around the camera area of the phone, however other phone's NFC is placed close to the middle or bottom of the phone.

A notification will appear on screen saying ‘Stamp Added’, and will show the business' loyalty card.


You can collect your first stamp on SQUID without creating an account! Once you have collected your first stamp you must then create an account.

The process of tapping varies slightly for Android and iPhone.

Collecting a stamp on Androids

  1. You must have the SQUID app open on the home page

  2. Place your phone over the SQUID tag in order for the stamp to be collected

  3. Your phone will vibrate once when the tag is recognised and will then vibrate a second time when the stamp has been added to your wallet.

  4. The SQUID app will only work on NFC enabled phones (this may need to be enabled through the phones settings).

Collecting a stamp on iPhones

  1. You must have the SQUID app open on the home page

  2. You must open the app and press the ‘Tap Tag’ button

  3. When NFC scanner pops up, hold your phone over the SQUID tag in order to collect your stamp.

  4. Scanning only works on the iPhone 7 or newer versions of the phone.

How SQUID works

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