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Add a new site for workers and individuals for your agency!

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You must configure at least one Site in Penelope. If you’re newly configuring Penelope, you’ll notice that your database comes pre-loaded with a Head Office which you can update the naming and details of your own location.

Site Profile Settings Reference

Site Profile page with callouts



Site Name

The name of your Site or location. The name you type in this field is how the Site name appears throughout Penelope (for example, Site-based filters).

Parent Site

An option to indicate that a Site is a branch, affiliate, office, etc. of an existing Site configured in Penelope.

By specifying a Parent Site, you can make use of the Site Tree functionality which allows you to filter or report on a Parent Site as well as any Child Sites.

Place of Service

Place of Service is code used in US-based claims to specify the entity where a service was rendered. For information about specific codes, visit

This field is required, but if you are not a US-based agency or you aren't using the CMS or EDI capabilities in Penelope, you can use this field to assign up to a 4-digit location code or value to the Site.


An option to make a Site active or inactive. By default, newly created Sites are active.

If you make a Site inactive, it no longer appears as a selectable option when assigning a Site to an Individual, Worker, etc., but does appear in an Inactive grouping in Report, Search, etc. filters.

Site Location Same as Agency

When checked, the EDI Loop 2310C is skipped regardless of the Place of Service code.

Contact Information

The address, phone number, and fax number for the Site.

The following fields are required:

  • State

  • Country

  • Telephone

Note: The information that you include here can appear in the header of financial documents.

Creating a New Site

We recommend adding your head office/s first and then creating any subsequent offices.

1. Navigate to System Setup > Site > List tab.

2. In the Agency Site section, click Add.

Agency Site list

3. Complete the profile information for your Site. Refer to the Site Profile settings reference topic for details about specific fields.

Add/Edit view of the Site Profile

4. Click Save.

Setup Site-Based Hours of Operation

Site Hours of Operation are the days of the week you provide service at this location including your opening and closing times.

Site hours of operation

Configure Days of the Week Agency is Open

1. In the Site Hours of Operation section, in the Day column, click a day of the week that you’re open.

2. In the In field, type the opening time for that day modifying the am/pm setting as needed.

Site hours of operation open date

3. In the Out field, type the closing time for that day modifying the am/pm setting as needed.

4. Click Save.

Repeat as required for additional days of the week.

Configure Days of the Week Agency is Closed

1. In the Site Hours of Operation section, in the Day column, click a day of the week that you’re closed.

2. In the Day column, click a day of the week that you’re closed.

3. Enter identical In and Out times.

Site hours of operation closed date

4. Click Save.

Repeat as required for additional days of the week.

Setup Site-Specific Closure Dates

These are days your Site closes throughout the year that are unique to the particular Site (and differ from the dates you set at the Agency-level).


The closure dates you set are applicable to the specific year you choose (for example, a closure date for January 1, 2018 is applicable only for the 2018 year). You may consider adding a reminder to configure closure dates for future years.

1. In the Site Closures section, click Add.

Site Closures section

2. In the Closure Date field, type a closure date or select from the calendar.

3. In the Description field, type a label for the date. For example, Family Day.

4. Click Save.

Repeat for additional dates.

Optional Configuration Steps

Setup a Site based Bank Account

For information about setting up and using Bank Accounts see the Bank Account section of the Billing Module Configuration Guide.

Add URLs to the Site Profile

1. In the URLs section, click Add.

2. In the Name field, type the label you want to appear for the website.

Site URL setup

3. In the Description field, type the URL for the website.

4. Click Save.

Create Site-Specific Settings for External Communications

If you’ve enabled External Communications, you can optionally set a Site-specific sender for Event Confirmation messages as well as a specific Worker Category to receive Return of Confirmation messages. If you don’t configure this section, your general Agency-wide settings will be used instead.

1. In the Client Confirmation Override section, click Edit.

2. In the Sender of Confirmation field, begin typing the name of the Worker you want to act as the message sender and choose from the suggest lookup list.

Site-based client communication override settings

3. In the Include Additional Recipients on Return of Confirmation drop-down, choose a Worker Category for the Site.

4. Click Save.

Populate your Site User Defined fields

Complete this step if you’ve configured Site-based user defined fields.

  1. On the Site page, navigate to your User Defined tab and click Edit.

  2. Complete the fields as applicable or required.

  3. Click Save.

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