Setting Your Client Facing Availability
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ClientConnect provides your clients with access to some of their information in Penelope via a mobile-friendly portal.

By using the ClientConnect portal your clients can see their profile, calendar, message history, account balance and much more. ClientConnect enables clients to actively participate in their service provision with the ability to complete new Documents and message their Service Provider. Clients also have the ability to pay invoices (if configured) and view records of past transactions.

Setting your Client Facing Availability

Setting Availability for Client Event Requests

This feature is only available if ClientConnect has been enabled for your agency. For a client to request an Event with their Worker the Worker must first have an available time slot in which clients can book an appointment. This tutorial explains how to set that availability. For information on how to set availability in general please visit:

Manage Your Client Facing Availability

1. From the My Home screen navigate to the My Profile tab on the righthand side.

2. Click My Availability.

3. In the Weekly Availability section click Add.

4. In the Day drop down list select the day you want to set client facing availability for. 5. In the From field set the start time for your client facing availability.

6. In the To field set the end time for your client facing availability.

7. In the Type drop down list select the availability your System Administrator has set to be the client facing availability type.

8. In the Site field select which site the availability is for.

9. Click Save.

Note: Based on your existing weekly availability it may be necessary to create a new Calendar to accommodate ClientConnect Event request availability. To add a new calendar click Add in the top right of the Calendar section to create a new blank Calendar. You can also select Copy to create a copy of an existing calendar and modify as required. Be sure to set the appropriate start date for your new Calendar.

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