Managing Event Requests in ClientConnect

Enable event requests, change the default event duration, and restrict event requests!

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ClientConnect provides your clients with access to some of their information in Penelope via a mobile-friendly portal.

By using the ClientConnect portal your clients can see their profile, calendar, message history, account balance and much more. ClientConnect enables clients to actively participate in their service provision with the ability to complete new Documents and message their Service Provider. Clients also have the ability to pay invoices (if configured) and view records of past transactions.

Enabling Event Requests in ClientConnect

For clients to be able to request an event in ClientConnect their Workers must first have available time in which a client can request an event. System Administrators must define which Availability Type will be used for the Client Facing Availability Type. Creating/Editing a Worker Availability Type for client facing availability

1. From the Home Screen in the Setup menu select Event.

2. In the Worker Availability Types section click Add to create a new Availability Type. To edit an Existing Type click on the Availability Type name. In the included example that would be Available.

3. In the Existing Type field specify a name for your Availability type.

4. In the Color field select a color to represent this availability type. Please note there are only 7 available colors.

5. Click Save.

6. To set this Availability Type as your Client Facing Availability Type you must navigate to SA Home > ClientConnect Setup.

7. Click Edit.

8. In the Advanced section use the Client Facing Worker Availability Type dropdown menu to select the Availability Type you have just created (or edited).

9. Click Save. In order for availability to appear to clients in ClientConnect, Client Facing Worker Availability times must be set at the worker level. For instructions on how this is done please see our Setting your Client Facing Availability tutorial.

Default Event Duration

Setting the default duration of an Event As an agency you will need to set a Default Event Duration. The duration set will determine how long all Events booked by ClientConnect users will be. The duration can be changed manually once the Event has been booked (subject to availability).

1. Navigate to the SA Home Screen > Event Setup.

2. Click Edit.

3. In the Event Defaults section set the value of the Default Event Duration. The value entered should be in minutes and will be the default for all Events booked in ClientConnect.

4. Click Save.

It should also be noted that the client will only be able to book X number of days in advance. The number of days in advance is determined by the ‘Default Days to View when Booking’ setting located on the Event Setup page (Master Schedule Page section). Important Restrictions The following default restrictions apply to all instances of ClientConnect: 1. This is a Penelope wide setting and as a result the Default Event Duration effects all Events booked in Penelope and ClientConnect.

Restricting Event Requests

Limit how far in advance Events can be requested

As an agency you may want to restrict how far out events can be requested.

1. Navigate to the SA Home Screen > Event Setup.

2. Click Edit.

3. In the Master Schedule Page section set the value of the Default Days to View

when Booking setting to be the number of days in advance you want clients to be able to schedule appointments in ClientConnect.

4. Click Save

Important Restrictions

The following default restrictions apply to all instances of ClientConnect:

1. Events cannot be booked less than 24 hours in advance.

2. A ClientConnect user cannot book more than 3 Events in a single calendar day. This is regardless of the event date.

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