ClientConnect User Account Status
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A ClientConnect user account can have one of many statuses. A list of these statuses and how they occur can be found below.



Actioned By


A Worker has created a ClientConnect user account but the user has not yet activated the account.

Penelope Worker


A Worker has closed the users ClientConnect account as it is no longer required. Once a users account is closed the following will occur: it cannot be re-opened, credentials will be removed, future messages will not be sent and outstanding Workflows will be reassigned to a Worker and removed from any Discussions. If the user requires a ClientConnect account in the feature a new account will need to be created.

Penelope Worker


A Worker has restricted access to the users ClientConnect account by disabling it. A disabled account can be re-enabled by re-creating it which will put the account into a status of Pending until the ClientConnect User activates it.

Penelope Worker


A ClientConnect user account can be locked by either the user (too many authentication attempts) or a Worker (suspends the account). A locked account can only be unlocked by a Worker.

ClientConnect User and/or Penelope Worker

More information on creating, enabling, disabling, suspending and locking ClientConnect user accounts can be found here.

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