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A Worker Category is similar to an email distribution list and is used to group Workers with common interests together. Workers can belong to zero, one or many Worker Categories in Penelope. You can assign workers to categories via the "Edit" button of the "Categories" section on their worker profile.

What can a Worker Category be used for?

Categories can be used to filter Worker lists (for example; Search, Agency Events, Agency Schedule, reports, Book Events etc) or to send messages to (Collaboration Suite, Action Triggers, Engage etc).

Some situations where you may find Worker Categories useful include:

  • When assigning clients to a Worker (for example; you could have a Spanish speaking category that can be used to filter Workers who can speak Spanish)

  • When sending communications via Penelope (for example; you could have a Finance category so a Discussion can be sent to all finance personnel about a client’s financial matter)

  • When booking a meeting with a specific set of Workers (for example; you could have a counselor category so you can easily book a reoccurring session with all of your counselors without having to choose them individually).

Examples of Worker Categories

  • Spanish speaking

  • Managers

  • Counselors

  • Finance staff

  • Admin staff

  • DV specialization

  • Penelope Super Users

Worker Category List

The Worker Category List displays a list of all available Worker Categories. By clicking on the Category you will be able to see a list of Workers/Users assigned to that Category. Depending on your permissions you may also be able to add or remove Workers.

How to Add a Worker Category

For instructions on how to add a Worker Category click here.

Further Information

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