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Reference Configuration
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The Agency Setup > Reference tab includes configuration settings for the Reference page you access from the Links sidebar on your homepage.

Reference link in Links sidebar

By configuring the options on the Agency Setup > Reference tab, you can choose whether to display your configured Resources, Case Services, Sites, and Agency Links.

Reference page with callouts


To deny access to the Reference page for specific Workers, you can enable the Deny Access to Reference page Security Class Setting for the Workers’ Security Class.

Reference Settings

Agency Reference page callout diagram



Show resources

An option to show the list of configured Resources on the Reference page.

Show services

An option to show the list of configured Case Services on the Reference page.

Show sites

An option to show the list of configured Sites on the Reference page.

Agency Links Setup

The Agency Links Setup section is where you configure links to websites that you want to include on the Reference page. You can include as many links as you wish and customize the Display Name of the links.

You can click an existing link to modify the Display Name or URL or remove a link by clicking the (-) minus button beside the link.

Enable Components of the Reference page

1. Navigate to System Setup > Agency > Reference tab.

2. Click Edit.

3. To display Resources, Services, and/or Sites on your Reference page, click the checkbox next to each desired option.

Enabled options for the Reference page

4. Click Save.

Add a Website to your Agency Links list

1. Navigate to System Setup > Agency > Reference tab.

2. In the Agency Links Setup section, click Add.

Agency Links Setup section

3. In the Display Name field, type the text you want to appear for the link.

4. In the Address (URL) field, type the website address (including http:// or https://).

Add a website to the Agency Links list

5. Click Save.

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