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NDIS Support Category
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The Support Category field in Penelope is a user defined drop-down list that can be configured to represent the supports and services offered by your agency. The list of Support Categories is set and maintained by NDIA.

A Support Category is made up of many supports and services which are included in the NDIS price guide and referred to as line items. Providers make payment requests against the support line items that best fit the supports and services they have provided. A comprehensive listing of support line items is kept up to date as a separate file (CSV format) on the NDIS website.

Add an NDIS Support Category

You must be logged in to Penelope using a System Administrator account to add a Support Category.

1. In the System Setup section click NDIS.

2. In the Field Setup section click Support Categories.

3. In the Active Values section click Add.

4. In the Value field type a name for the Support Category.

5. Click Save.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any additional Registration Groups.

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