About Using the NDIS Module
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There are four core approaches when using the NDIS module for your agency and clients in Penelope. Each approach requires an NDIS license and a configured the NDIS module.

The Four Core Approaches

Depending on your agency’s unique needs you may use one or many of the approaches listed below. Click on the links below for more information about the four core approaches:

  • Approach 1: Agency Managed – The Agency Managed approach is intended for agencies who report directly to and are paid by NDIA. In this approach, an NDIS Funder is created in Penelope along with applicable Public Policy/Policies. Clients have Public Policies where the NDIS Funder is the designated payor for applicable services and the NDIS Submission List functionality is used to generate a file that can be uploaded to the NDIA site.

  • Approach 2: Plan Managed – This approach is used for agencies who work with a third-party organization who is responsible for managing an Individual’s plan. The agency tracks the use of the Individual’s plan in Penelope but they generate an invoice to the third-party organization (who then submits the claim to NDIA).

  • Approach 3: Self Managed with Agency Assistance – This approach is used for agencies who assume responsibility for ensuring plan limits are obeyed on behalf of the Individual receiving service. The agency does not report to NDIA directly but instead provides an invoice to the payor (either the Individual receiving service or the designated payor for that Individual) who will submit a claim to NDIA.

  • Approach 4: Self Managed– This approach is used for agencies working with clients who are fully responsible for managing their own plan with NDIA. In this approach, you can use NDIS Service Units but you do not need to configure any Funder or Policies; instead, regular FFS billing is used to generate an invoice billable to the designated FFS Individual for the client.

Need Further Assistance?

For more information about using the Penelope NDIS module, please contact the Penelope Support Team by clicking here.

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