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Reconcile NDIS Payment Remittance Advice
Reconcile NDIS Payment Remittance Advice
Updated over a week ago

To quickly and efficiently reconcile payments from NDIA in Penelope, it is possible to upload the NDIS Payment Remittance Advice (CSV files only). This will automatically reconcile any payments from NDIA and mark any applicable Funder invoices as paid. Payments can still be manually processed (if required) but this function will help your agency save time and increase efficiency when processing payments.

How to Automatically Reconcile Payments

To automatically reconcile NDIS payments by uploading the NDIS Payment Remittance Advice, follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain the NDIS Remittance file from your NDIS portal.

  2. Navigate to the Funder Account page in Penelope. When Billing is enabled, you can find this by clicking on the Balance amount in the Account Information section on the Funder page.

  3. Click on Process NDIS Payment Remittance File.

  4. Choose the CSV file to upload.

  5. Select a Site (if required).

  6. Select Payment Reason (if required).

  7. Select Credit Type (if required).

  8. Click Next (note: once next is clicked, it is not possible to stop this process).

  9. Uncheck/Check Download CSV with results when “Finish” is clicked (if required). This screen will also display any errors that have occurred while reconciling payments. The error message can be found in the downloadable CSV file.

  10. Click Finish.

To check that the payment has been added to the Funder account and the relevant invoice/s have been credited, use the search filters in the Account Detail section of the Funder Account Page. You can also check the relevant invoice to ensure payment has been credited.

What will not be processed?

The following will cause a line item not to be processed and an error to be returned:

  1. A payment/credit has already been applied to a line item.

  2. ProvClaimRef does not match an invoiced line item in Penelope.

  3. The line item dollar amount cannot be parsed. Please contact the Penelope Support Team if this occurs.

  4. A duplicate ProvClaimRef is found in the uploaded file.

  5. The AmountClaimed does not match the amount Invoiced in Penelope.

What will be processed?

Penelope will process the following line items:

  1. Payments where the AmountPaid is equal to AmountClaimed.

  2. Payments where the AmountPaid is greater than the AmountClaimed. The overpayment will be added to the Funder’s/Individual’s account.

  3. Payments where the AmountPaid is less than the AmountClaimed. A credit will be applied to the Funder’s/Individual’s account for the remaining amount.

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