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Printing a Medicare Invoice - Service Event
Printing a Medicare Invoice - Service Event
Updated over a week ago

As of Penelope version, it is possible to create and print an Australian Medicare invoice from either the Service Event or the Generate Invoice in Batch Mode (page 5) function in Penelope.

Follow the instructions below to create and print the Medicare invoice.

How to Create an Australian Medicare Invoice

These instructions assume that all Australian Medicare Invoice prerequisites (page 3) have been met.

1. Navigate to the applicable Service File.

2. Open the applicable Service Event.

3. Mark Attendance.

4. Click the Cart tab and add/update any Cart Items as required.

5. In the Links sidebar click Invoice this event (Australian Medicare).

The Australian Medicare Invoice will open in a new window.

How to Print an Australian Medicare Invoice

Follow the instructions below to print the invoice immediately after creating it.

1. On the invoice screen click the agency logo (a print dialogue box will open).

2. Follow the standard procedure for printing for your operating system.

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