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The Service List is an overview of services offered by your agency including Case Services, Informal Services and Anonymous Services. It can be accessed from the Worker’s My Home page by clicking the Setup sidebar on the right-hand side of the page and choosing Services List.

It is important to note that the Setup sidebar will only appear if you have been assigned to a Security Class with one or more Setup Security Settings activated.

Case Services

Case Services are Service Files which are tracked within an Individual’s (clients) Case. Each Case Service represents a program/service within your agency (e.g. Individual Counselling, FDR, Mental Health Counselling etc).

Once the Case Service has been set up, you can create a Service File for any Individual receiving that particular service. The Service File may have one or multiple Case Members. Within each Service File the Workers involved can record notes, schedule appointments (Service Events), complete documents and attach files.

To learn how to set up or edit Case Services, click here.

Informal Services

Informal Services are informal programs that do not require a Case in order to track an Individual’s participation.

Instances of Informal Services offered at different times are called Informal Series (e.g. you may have a larger Informal Service called Educational Events and then set up an Informal Series called Educational Series Winter 2019 and Education Series Autumn 2019). There are no individualized session notes or billing but attendance can be recorded using the roster.

For more information on creating an Informal Series, click here.

Anonymous Service Types

Anonymous Services are typically brief one time services offered by an agency. These services do not require the creation of an Individual, Case or Service File and do not appear under a Worker’s Case Load.

Some typical examples of Anonymous Services include crisis calls, information calls, community presentations and seminars.

For more information on Anonymous Service Types click here.

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