Using Anonymous Services
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Anonymous Services are typically brief one time services offered by an agency. These services do not require the creation of an Individual, Case or Service File and do not appear under a Worker’s Case Load.

Some typical examples of Anonymous Services include:

  • Crisis calls

  • Information calls

  • Community presentations

  • Seminars.

Logging an Anonymous Service

To log an Anonymous Service follow the instructions below.

  1. On your My Home page click Add Anonymous Service.

  2. Select the Anonymous Service Type.

  3. Enter the name of the Worker who provided the service.

  4. Enter the Date the service occurred.

  5. If this was a Presentation click the checkbox.

  6. Enter a Description of Service.

  7. Enter any Notes.

  8. Enter any Details of Service.

  9. Click Save.

Adding a Category

Categories can be used to capture additional information about the Anonymous Service. You can use Categories to capture the time spent providing an Anonymous Service, the number of brochures supplied, the number of people who attended etc. Once this data has been captured it is possible to report on it if required.

  1. Click Add in the Categories section.

  2. Select the Category Name. One example of data being tracked might be minutes.

  3. Enter the Quantity. If you are tracking minutes enter the number of minutes.

  4. Click Save.

Removing a Category

To remove a Category from the Categories section click the minus (-) icon located next to the applicable Category.

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