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Penelope Shortcut for iOS Home Screen
Updated over a week ago

To quickly access Penelope on your iOS device’s home screen, follow the instructions below. Please note that this will only work when using Safari on iOS.

  1. Find and tap the Safari icon on your iOS device’s home screen.

  2. Navigate to Penelope using your agency’s URL.

  3. Tap the Share icon in the bottom middle of your home screen.

  4. Scroll through the icons until you see Add to Home Screen and then tap.

  5. Enter a name for the icon on your home screen (if you don’t want to use the default).

  6. Click Add.

The Penelope icon will now display on your iOS device’s home screen. To open Penelope directly in Safari just tap this icon.

*Tested in iOS 13.1.3 only.

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