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Logging in to Penelope for the First Time (User Managed Password Feature Enabled)
Logging in to Penelope for the First Time (User Managed Password Feature Enabled)
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The instructions in this article assume that the User Managed Password feature (page 17) has been enabled by your System Administrator and a Trusted Device has been added to your Worker profile. Please contact your System Administrator if you have any questions.

Important Information

The first time you log in to Penelope you will need to set your password and select your security questions (minimum 3). When setting your password it is important to remember the following things:

  1. There are a set number of PINs that can be generated on a daily basis for each Worker. If this number is exceeded it will not be possible to reset your password. For information on the maximum of PINs that can be generated each day contact your System Administrator.

    1. Usernames are case sensitive. This is very important! If the incorrect username is entered you will not receive a PIN.

    2. A verification code will be sent to your trusted device/s. Do not navigate away from this page until the PIN has been entered (if you do the PIN will not work).

    3. There must be an email address under your Personal Message Settings to receive your PIN. So you can set your password and login for the first time this will be added by your System Administrator.

    4. If you do not receive your PIN please check your Junk Mail.

How to Login for the First Time

The instructions below assume that the User Managed Password feature has been enabled. in Penelope. Follows the steps below to set your password and log into Penelope for the first time. Please note that some of the screens below may vary depending on your agency’s configuration and version of Penelope.

  1. Navigate to your Penelope login screen and click Reset account password.

  2. Enter your Username (remember this is case sensitive).

  3. Click Send.

  4. Enter the Verification code sent to your trusted device/s.

  5. Click Verify.

  6. Enter a New password.

  7. Confirm your new password in the Confirm password field.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Choose and answer a security question. You can scroll through the available questions by using the arrows. Once you have entered an answer click Add. Repeat until you have selected at least 3 questions.

  10. If you wish to remove a selected question and answer click the minus (-) icon located to the left of the question. Repeat as required.

  11. To save the selected questions and answers click Send.

You have now successfully changed your password and set your security questions. You will now be logged into Penelope and redirected to your My Home page.

Additional Resources

For more information on logging in, security questions and resetting your password visit:

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