Messages, Workflows and Tasks
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The Collaboration Suite is a powerful communication, collaboration, and organizational tool featuring Messages, Workflow and Calendar components.

Wherever you are in Penelope the Collaboration Suite is always a single click away. It slides open like a drawer layering over the top of your current page giving you a new context sensitive workspace.

Collaboration Suite Components


This is your inbox containing all of your Messages organized by type. You can create your own custom folders or tags and assign messages to them. Each message is directly linked to the underlying entity (for example a message about a new Case links directly to that Case) so you can click directly from the message to the item.


The Workflow page displays a summary of your tasks, the unassigned task queue and an integrated version of your calendar. The advanced tab allows you to view or filter workflow for yourself or the staff that report to you. The DQIL can also be accessed from the Workflows tab (click here for more information).


The Calendar page is your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

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