EDI 837 Page
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The 837 page provides a snapshot view of the EDI file allowing you to quickly and easily resolve any errors before uploading the file to your clearinghouse or Funder. You will be taken to the 837 page once you have created your EDI file, alternatively, it can be accessed by using the Search function.

The 837 page contains the following information:

  • Information regarding the batch, EDI version, date, Funder etc

  • Preview of the 837 file

  • Error information

  • Record information (what Service Units are included in the EDI file)

  • EDI file for download

How to Download the EDI File

To download the EDI file navigate to the Attachments sidebar and click the file name to download.

Adding Notes to the 837 Page

If you would like to add notes to the 837 page click the edit button located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Deleting the EDI File

To delete the EDI file click the delete button located in the top right-hand corner of the page. A warning will appear, click okay.

837 File Tab

The 837 File tab will display a preview of the EDI file. Red text indicates an error that will need to be resolved for successful submission to occur.

Error Tab

The Error tab displays a list of any errors found in the EDI file. Clicking on the Source will take you to the location of the error in Penelope (unless it is located in the System Administrator side).

Records Tab

The Records tab displays a list of Service Units included in the EDI file. Clicking on the Funder, Policy Holder, Patient (Individual), Event or Service Unit will take you directly to the record in Penelope.

Marking the File as Sent

To mark the file as sent click the Mark as Sent link located under the edit button located on the right-hand side of the page.

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