Pre-Enrollment Matching Page
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The Pre-Enrollment Matching page allows you to assign a client to an available Worker who has criteria matching the preferences of the client (e.g. availability, site etc).

How to Use Matching

If you have set Availabilities for a client in their Pre-Enrollment entry, clicking the Assign link will bring up the Assign Pre-Enrollment To Service File window. Here you will need to enter an Off List date, any Closing Notes and click Save.

You will then be taken to the Pre-Enrollment Matching page (Criteria tab). From here you can set the parameters for matching your client with a Worker.

In the Match Parameters section, you can match your client’s preferred appointment time/s with available Workers using the numerous filters. This allows you to narrow down your matching criteria so that you can find the best fit for your client.

If you make any changes to the Match Parameters/filters, click View to see the change/s reflected in the schedule view.

The filters available in the Match Parameters section include:

  • Individual Availability: Choose from one of the client availabilities entered at the Pre-Enrollment stage.

  • Starting From: You have the option to enter 3 numbers — here’s how they break down:

    • Starting From (in week) X – Signifies when you would like your matching search to start (e.g. if you have chosen Mondays after 3 p.m. in the Individual Availability and you enter "2" here, the schedule will appear starting on the second Monday from today’s date. You are saying ‘I want to start my search on the second Monday after today’).

    • For X – The number of events you wish to book (e.g. if you have chosen Mondays after 3 p.m. in the Individual Availability and you enter "4" here, you are saying ‘Book 4 events for this client at this time’).

    • Every X – How many weeks you would like as an interval (e.g. continuing with the examples above, entering "3" here would be saying ‘Book these 4 events every 3rd Monday’).

  • Match Time: You can choose a start time for the event here by manually entering a time or by clicking around on the schedule grid just as you would when booking an event.

  • Match Duration: Choose a duration (in hours and minutes) for the event if different from the default.

  • Hours to View: Choose the hour range (in 24-hour time format, e.g. 17 would indicate 5pm) that you want to see in the schedule grid.

To the right of the Match Parameters section, you will find a number of additional filters that will allow you to narrow down your criteria.

This is an example of the page after changing the parameters/filters and clicking view:

Once you have matched your client’s availability with a Worker click Next.

This will take you to the Event Details tab.

On the Event Details tab you can:

  • Add Service Units (including fee adjustments or overrides)

  • Enter a description for the appointment

  • Choose an Event Type.

  • Enter a Location

If you would like to make changes to who is attending the event you can do this on the Participant tab. The Participants tab allows you to remove an Individual from an event or enter any Presenting Issues.

Once you have chosen everything, navigate back to the Event Details tab and click Book.

After clicking Book you will be taken to the Pre-Enrollment entry page.

You have now enrolled the client in service and booked their first appointment. However, the event you have booked is in Pending status (i.e. pending confirmation with the client) and needs to be confirmed (see screenshot below).

Confirming Pending Event

To confirm or decline the event, click the applicable link.

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