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SaaS Training Option A Database
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The Training Option A database allows your agency to test new features and train Workers before your Production database is updated with a new version of Penelope.

Data in the Training Option A database will be a duplicate (de-identified) of your Production database (at the time of copy). This allows Workers to use real-life scenarios without accessing sensitive PHI information while testing and training.

To have your Production database updated to your Training B after each upgrade, please send a request to Penelope Support Team.

Your agency will have a choice of Training Option A or Training Option B.

When is it upgraded?

  • Training Option A database – Upgraded to the latest version of Penelope when it is released.

  • Production database – Upgraded at a later date.

What will be disabled on upgrade?

The following functionality will be disabled in Training Option A as a precaution to allow for testing and training use:

  • External Communications (SMS, Client Delivery and Worker Delivery)

  • MS Exchange

  • Action Triggers


  • Credit Card

  • DSS

  • ClientConnect and Engage

  • General Ledger

  • Attachments

What happens when the database is upgraded?

After your Training Option A database has been upgraded to a new version of Penelope:

  • PHI data will be de-identified

  • Any items in the communications queue (client and external) will be cleared

  • MS Exchange queue and error queue will be cleared

  • Action Trigger queue will be cleared

  • ORS/SRS credentials will be cleared

  • Credit card production credentials will be cleared

  • DSS production queue will be cleared and synchronization deactivated

  • ClientConnect notifications will be deactivated, all accounts and product keys deleted

  • Engage client communications and Workflows will be deactivated

  • Attachments removed

  • Agency logo removed

  • Billing documents logo removed

After an upgrade what features can be re-enabled?

  • External Communications

  • MS Exchange

  • Action Triggers

  • General Ledger

It should be noted that ClientConnect and Engage cannot be enabled on the Training Option A database.

Important Information

The following fields are unmasked on the SaaS Training Option A database:

  • Blue Book (Individual Type) – Available Services Comment Text Field

  • Agency Profile – General field

  • Worker User Defined Tab

  • EOB Description field

  • EOB Cheque No field

It is also highly recommended that a user’s permissions in the training database match their regular Penelope permissions. This is to avoid access to areas of Penelope that the Worker wouldn’t usually have access to (e.g. System Admin setup information, Worker profile information or even site restrictions etc).

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