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Mass Upgrades and Emergency Maintenance FAQ
Mass Upgrades and Emergency Maintenance FAQ
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Upgrading to Penelope’s latest version is essential to your system’s health, security, and performance. It also enables our teams to provide the best support to agencies using Penelope.

Mass Upgrades and Server Maintenance

1 - When does Mass Upgrades and Server Maintenance occur?

Mass Upgrades and Server Maintenance are scheduled for the second weekend of every month. We perform Mass Upgrades and Server Maintenance on the same days each month to minimize disruptions and down time required to keep things running smoothly each month.

Note: This does not include any applicable Emergency Maintenance. See below for more information on Emergency Maintenance.

2 - What time does Mass Upgrades and Server Maintenance occur?

Currently the schedule is:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Friday between 9am-2pm ET

  • Canada, UK, and the US: Saturday between 9pm-1am ET

3 - Will my agency be notified prior to the upgrade?

Yes, we will send upgrade communications via email or in-product notification. If your agency has not received a notification prior to the last scheduled upgrade window, please reach out to Support and we’ll investigate what happened (

4 - Your upgrade notification gives me a 3-hour outage window. We're a 24-hour service. Can we have a smaller window than that?

The 3-hour window is a precautionary timeframe to ensure we have time for any troubleshooting or rollback procedures if they are required. We want to ensure we provide you with the maximum amount of down time the upgrade may require so you can plan accordingly.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide smaller or specific outage timeframes for agencies during the mass upgrade window.

5 - What if I want to stay on the current version of Penelope and not upgrade?

This is no longer possible. But for good reason! Each version of Penelope includes important security, performance, bug fixes, and functionality improvements. It is vital that every Penelope installation remains up to date on the latest version of Penelope.

Keeping Penelope up to date also allows our Support, Professional Services, and Tailored Services teams to provide you with the highest quality guidance on using Penelope!

6 - What is included in the next release of Penelope?

You can find release notes for past and upcoming releases here.

7 - How will mass upgrades impact the test data I have entered in my preview or training environments?

As there is no automatic refresh of data for any nonproduction (e.g. preview, training, migration, mirrored) databases, the data would remain the same as it was prior to the upgrade. If a ‘refresh’ of the data from production is required, a separate ticket can be submitted to the support team to schedule this task in.

8 - What if the date/time doesn’t work for our agency?

We understand that any downtime can be disruptive be we work our best to accommodate on a timely manner to have least impact and usually outside your business hours.

9 - Are there any changes to the cost of Penelope with this change?

There is no change to the pricing of Bonterra as a result of doing upgrades and server maintenance on the same day.

Emergency Maintenance

1 - What is considered emergency maintenance in Penelope?

A maintenance emergency is something that requires immediate attention. If left unresolved, the problem could result in extreme latency, bad data, or security risks for one or multiple clients. If there is an emergency maintenance need, Penelope will communicate with impacted clients any emergency maintenance windows and/or expected downtime.

2 - Can I opt out of an upcoming emergency maintenance window?

Opting out of an emergency maintenance window is not possible.

We do our best and communicate by providing advanced notice surrounding any downtime and also to schedule emergency maintenance windows outside of normal business hours as stated on topic 8 above.

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