Tableau 20.21.2 Known Changes

Tableau 10 to 20.21.2

Updated over a week ago

With the transition from Tableau 10 to 20.21.2, the following were identified with the upgrade:

  • The fields within the summary/raw data may not be returned in the same order/sequence as an earlier version of Tableau.

  • The colors used within the visualization may be impacted.

  • The labels within some of the workbook titles, including the axis labels may be differ from earlier version of Tableau.

  • The groupings within a chart may not be the same location (ie. show and booked events within the bar graph (7.1) differ between the two versions of tableau).

Below are a few examples to illustrate these changes:

Axis label from current report (10.3 Total Time Spent by Start Time)

Tableau 20.21.2 representation of label

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