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Navigating the Service Event
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Service Events are scheduled events or appointments in which Workers, Individuals or Resources can participate. They may be scheduled before or after the fact (non-scheduled events) as required. There are three main types of events that Penelope allows you to track:

Service Events (appointments) can be found in an Individual’s Service File. Each event has a Status (e.g. Booked, Cancelled, Show, No Show etc), Notes, Documents, Attachments and a Cart to record Service Units (depending on your agency’s configuration).

Please note: Instructions on this page assume you are already on the Service Event page. If you are not on the Service Event page you will need to navigate to the page first (e.g. from the Service File, search facility etc).

How to Book a Service Event

For non-group events (appointments) you can book new events from within the Service File by clicking the Book New link. For further information click here.

You can also book new events from within an existing event by clicking the Book New button located at the top of the page.

It is also possible to book a new Service Event from your My Home page by clicking the plus (+) icon located next to the Individual’s name in your My Case Load.

Group events are handled a little differently and are booked from the Group page in Penelope.

Service Event Page Components

In addition to the Collaboration Suite and navigation functions found in Penelope, the Service Event page is made up of the following components:

Service Event Information

Service Event ID (unique number assigned to each Service Event), Service Event Attendance Status (Show, No Show etc), Date and Time, Description and Worker, Location, Reschedule (allows you to change the date and/or time of an existing event, without adding a new event), Call to Confirm etc.

Service Details

The Service Details section contains information regarding Notes, Cart, Attendees, Cancellation Policy, Messages, DSS, Modification data, Lock and Edit functionality etc.

Sidebar Menu

Here you will find information regarding Documents, Outcome Assessments, Referrals, Reports, Links, Billing Information, Attachments, Workflows etc.

How to Reschedule an Event

Rescheduling an event, allows you to change the date and/or time of an existing event, without having to add a new event (and delete the existing event).

For information on how to reschedule a Service Event click here.

How to Record Attendance

For information on how to record attendance click here. If after marking attendance you need to revert it click here.

Adding Notes to a Service Event

The Service Event Notes are where you would write your case notes for a particular event/appointment.

To add notes to a Service Event:

  1. Navigate to the applicable Service Event (if you aren’t already on the Service Event page).

  2. Click the Notes tab located in the Service Details section of the Service Event page.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Enter your Event Notes.

  5. Click Save.

How to Add a Service Unit to the Cart

For information on how to add a Service Unit to a Cart after the Service Event has been booked click here.

How to Remove Attendees

To remove attendees from the Attendees tab click the minus (-) icon next to the attendee’s name.

Safety Concern and Financial Concern Flags

Safety and Financial Concern flags are used in Penelope to capture important information about an Individual (client) in regards to their safety and financial circumstances. The flags are displayed next to the Individual’s name throughout Penelope.

Safety concerns on the Service Event are indicated by a yellow triangle next to the attendees name. Financial concerns on a Service Event are indicated by a green triangle. For more information click here.

How to Send a Message

For information on how to send a message from the Service Event page click here.

How to Mark Followup Required

For information on marking followup as required click here.

How to Lock a Service Event Note

To lock a Service Event note:

  1. Click the Lock link located in the Service Details section of the Service Event page.

Once the note has been locked a yellow padlock icon will appear. Please note that this action cannot be reversed.

How to Delete a Service Event

To delete/cancel a Service Event click the delete link located at the top of the page.

It should be noted that these instructions are for deleting single events only (i.e. one event at a time). To delete recurring events in bulk see instructions below. Deleting a Service Event is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Depending on your Penelope configuration you may be asked for a password when deleting a Service Event. If this happens you will need to contact your System Administrator.

Please note that when deleting an event it will need to have a status of Booked (click here for instructions on how to revert the status of an event). You may also find that there are other criteria that prevent you from deleting an event (e.g. a completed Document – you will need to delete the document prior to deleting the event).

How to Delete a Recurring Service Event

As of Penelope version it is possible to delete/cancel recurring Service Events in bulk. This feature is similar to how Outlook would handle deleting a series of events.

To delete recurring Service Events in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Service File.

  2. Click the minus (-) icon located next to the Service Event you would like to delete.

  3. A pop up will appear saying Do you want to delete this event or all events in the series?. From here you can select which Service Events you wish to delete. You can only delete events that were booked as part of the same recurring series.

  4. Click continue.

  5. If a password is required, enter the password (1) and click continue (2) or go to step 6.

  6. Another message will be displayed confirming the events which have been deleted. Click okay.

Important Information: The Service Events will be deleted immediately. This action cannot be reversed.


For Australian agencies using Penelope’s DSS module, a DSS tab will also display in the Event Details section of the Service Event page. Depending on your agency’s configuration, attendance may need to be recorded prior to the tab appearing. This tab is used to record DSS Session data.

For more information on recording DSS Session data click here.

What is the Call to Confirm (CTC) Label?

The Call to Confirm (CTC) Label can be changed/edited by clicking the edit button located at the top of the page.

Depending on your agency’s configuration, one of the following options will be available:

  1. Call to Confirm (CTC) – Displays Call to Confirm when checked or Do not call to confirm when not checked.

  2. Has been confirmed (CTCC) – Displays Has been confirmed when checked or Has not been confirmed when not checked.

Your System Administrator may have defaulted the field value to checked.

Right-hand Sidebar

On the right-hand side of the screen you will find a navigational sidebar. Here you will have quick and easy access to the following (options may vary depending on permissions):

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