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Penelope Release Notes - v4.23.6.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.23.6.0

Available: September 9th, 2021

Updated over a week ago

Penelope Enhancements in v4.23.6.0

Added a "Penelope Ideas Portal" link that allows customers to submit their own enhancement requests to the Product team. System Administrator, Admin-Executive and Intake-Mgmt. users with a valid “Personal Message Settings” email address have access to this link in their links bucket. These users can submit new ideas, vote on ideas that matter to them and track the status of their ideas. Product uses the votes as a guide to help triage these ideas into the upcoming roadmap. This link appears at the bottom of the ‘My Profile’ bucket in Penelope.

For the help site: Remember to use the Aha! logout functionality when you have finished managing ideas in the Penelope Ideas Portal!

Service Coverage Grouping

The “Service Coverage Grouping” enhancement allows users to prioritize services that are covered on an Individual’s policy over those that are not. When a user is adding a new Service File, Case Services will be grouped under the Covered list if at least one Case member has policy coverage for at least one of the Service Units. Otherwise, the Case Services will be grouped under the Other list. Additionally, when a Service Unit is added to an event, the user will get a warning message where that Service Unit is not covered.

Note: This may not work with NDIS Groups because Case Service Units supersede Group Service Units during validation and validation only checks that one Case member is covered for at least one of the Service Units in the Service File. For example, if the Individual has a policy that covers a 30min therapy session, the counsellor would be warned if they try to add a 45min therapy session instead. Similarly, if the Individual is covered for Art Therapy but not for Individual Therapy, the counsellor would be warned if they try to add them to the Individual Therapy service.

Penelope Chat

This capability allows users to search the knowledge base for help articles and start conversations with support to troubleshoot issues right within Penelope.

ClientConnect “Disable Pay Your Event Balance” Removed

The setting “Disable Pay Your Event Balance” has been removed, the setting “Disable Pay Your Balance” now covers all areas where a balance can be paid in ClientConnect (Pay My Balance, Pay Your Event Balance, and Pay For My Next Unpaid Event).

Penelope Enhancements in v4.23.6.0

Rescheduling a Group Event incorrectly updating calendars in MS Exchange

When a Group Event is rescheduled by a Worker other than the Attending Worker Penelope was incorrectly using the account of the Worker performing the update when sending the delete and re-add request to Exchange instead of Attending Worker’s account. This issue has now been resolved and the delete and re-add requests to Exchange will go to the Attending Worker’s Calendars.

Error when booking a Service Event in Implementation Realm Mode

In certain situations a user would encounter an error when attempting to book a Service Event in the Implementation Realm Mode. This has now been resolved.

Score order changing with Document copy

When copying a Document Template in Document Setup, the Score list’s order on the copied Document Template will not match that of the original Document. This has now been resolved, the fix only applies to Document Templates copied after the upgrade to

DQIL rule for “A Default DOB was selected for an Individual” not going off

When an Individual with a Default DOB was added to Penelope, the Data Quality Issue List was not listing this as an issue to be resolved. This has now been resolved.

Unable to upload .msg files to Attachments in Penelope

When attempting to upload an .msg file to an Attachments area in Penelope the file would not upload and give no feedback to the user with regards to the status of the upload. This has now been resolved, .msg files will now upload.

Intake Availability Times display off by 1 hour on Worker’s schedule

When viewing Intake Availability on a Worker’s “Availability” tab, Intake Availability times were showing 1 hour off. This has now been resolved, the correct time for the Intake Availability will show.

Error when saving a Note on a Referral Entry

When a Worker attempted to save a Note on a Referral Entry an error would appear. Even though an error appeared, Penelope did save the Note. This has now been resolved and Notes added on a Referral Entry will save without error.

DSS tab does not load when FaHCSIA has been enabled

For organizations who used the previous FaHCSIA module and now use the DSS module, an error would appear when attempting to access the DSS tab of the Service File and Group. This has now been resolved.

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