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Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.2.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.2.0

Available to customers: March 12th, 2022

Updated over a week ago

This upgrade includes fixes for defects in Event Booking, DSS, ClientConnect, Action Triggers, Login, and Penelope Chat.

Feature Fixes


Feature Fixed



Case service DSS outlet end dates are not inclusive for DSS Groups

When two DSS Programs were setup on a Case Service, Group Events under that Case Service were not being submitted to DEX for either program when the date of the Group Event was within the “As Of Date” for the DSS Program. This has now been resolved.

"Display DSS Tab Only When Show"

“Display DSS Tab Only When Show” on Event Setup was not saving when modified.

The DSS Tab on Service Events would show all the time (even if the setting was previously set). This issue has now been resolved. We recommend System Administrators log in and make sure this setting is set appropriately for their organization’s workflow.

Event Scheduling

Error when adding an Individual to a Group with future conflicting Events.

When adding new Individuals to a Group and that Individual has existing Events that conflict with one of the pre-booked Group Events, an error that was not user friendly. This has been resolved, the error will give the user more information on which Event is preventing the Case from being added.

Event Scheduling

Error when changing a Service File's Primary Worker when they’re booked into future conflicting Events.

When changing a Service File’s Primary Worker and attempting to resolve a conflict with future events by clicking “exclude“, an error would appear. This has now been resolved.


If “Agency Direct Help - Email” does not exist in ClientConnect Setup, no help email is displayed in ClientConnect emails.

When the “Agency Direct Help - Email” was not set up on ClientConnect setup, no contact information for the organization displayed in emails coming from ClientConnect. This has been resolved by using the Agency Setup’s “Email”.

Action Trigger Checklists

Action Trigger Checklists with an entry with type of Technical will not send

Certain Action Triggers were showing a task type of “Technical” in the setup. This task type is only used with ClientConnect and not action triggers so it was preventing Action Triggers with this in the setup from going off. “Technical” will no longer appear as an option for Action Trigger Setup.


Network Error when login to Penelope

In certain circumstances a Network Error displays telling the user to refresh the page after entering the username and password. When this occurs Penelope will automatically refresh the page now.


Penelope Chat session continues if Penelope session has timed out.

If a user’s session timed out before logging out properly from Penelope, the user’s Penelope Chat session was not ending. This has now been resolved, the Penelope Chat session will end when a Penelope user’s session times out.

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