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Penelope Release Notes - v4.23.1.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.23.1.0

Date Available: May 21st, 2021

Updated over a week ago

Edge Release

Crucial version-specific upgrade information can be found in the applicable version's release notes. When upgrading from a version of Penelope prior to 4.1 please review previous release notes. If you have any questions please contact the Penelope Support Team.

A reverse-chronological library of Penelope Release Notes can be found here.

This upgrade contains important security measures designed to keep your system safe. We consistently monitor and update the security of Penelope to ensure your data is protected. It is always important to stay up to date with the most recent version of Penelope to ensure you are using the most secure version of the software.

What is an Edge Release?

This is a supported version of Penelope that has both security updates as well as other features or functionality enhancements. This is helpful for organizations that want to take advantage of all the latest features added in Penelope or stay up to date with any third-party synchronizations (for example DSS or NDIS).

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

For details regarding our supported operating systems and web browsers please refer to our Minimum Workstation/Browser Requirements article.

Penelope Enhancements

The following list represents enhancements and fixes to existing Penelope features. In most cases, little or no action is required on your part beyond reviewing the updated help materials (if applicable).



“Agency Schedule” and “Add Service Wizard” calendar mouseover is now optional.

When “Display case ID / name when mousing over.” is set to “No” on Event Setup the user will no longer be able to see the full details of the event. They will instead see the Event ID.

When “Display case ID / name when mousing over.” is set to “Yes” on Event Setup the user will see a new option under the “Options” list called “Event Details on Mouseover”. When checked, this option will allow the user to view more event details. When unchecked, the user will instead see the Event ID.

“Availability Type” and “Availability Site” are now multi-select options on the “Agency Schedule” and “Add Service Wizard” pages.

When checking Availability on the “Agency Schedule” and “Agency Schedule” and “Add Service Wizard” pages users will now be able to filter the schedule view by multiple “Availability Type” and “Availability Site”.

Only numbers allowed in phone number fields.

When entering a phone number into contact information fields, Penelope will no longer allow the user to save phone numbers with letters in them. Only phone numbers with digits will be allowed to save, the user will receive an error message if they try to save a phone number with letters in it.





Sending Completed Documents through ClientConnect.

Penelope users will now be able to setup a Document to be sent to an individual through ClientConnect.

ClientConnect users will be able to view Documents in their Inbox and Service Timeline.

New setting for “Request a Service” for the “Pre-Enrollment Reason Default”

The System Administrator will now be able to set a default for Pre-Enrollment entries added through “Request a Service” in ClientConnect.

On upgrade, “Pre-Enrollment Reason Default” will default to the previously hard-coded value of “Waiting for Assignment” if the “Request a Service” feature was already enabled. If that reason was renamed, it may not appear as “Waiting for Assignment” in your Penelope. If that reason was deleted from your Penelope, ClientConnect users may have encountered errors and you will need to set a default so these errors no longer occur.

Locked ClientConnect accounts error message and notification improvements.

When a ClientConnect user has entered their password incorrectly, the error message will now warn them that after 5 failed attempts, their account will be locked and to try resetting their password.

When the account is locked and the user attempts a password reset, they will receive an email with the contact information for the agency as setup on the ClientConnect Setup for “Agency Direct Help – Email” and “Agency Direct Help – Phone”.

Feature Fixes

Feature Fixed


When uploading an unsupported file type, a friendlier error message will be displayed.

Previously, when uploading an unsupported file type, the error message was not user friendly. This has been resolved.

Service File Notes “Prev” and “Next” buttons not going to the correct Note.

In some circumstances when using the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to navigate through the Service File Notes, the user was not taken to the correct note. This has been resolved.

Engage “Oops” page displaying in ClientConnect.

When Document Stages were attempted to be completed out of order in ClientConnect, the user would receive the Engage “Oops” page.

This has now been resolved and the user will receive an error message to contact the agency for more information.

Errors on “Individual Communication Settings” after closing the ClientConnect account.

When a ClientConnect account was closed, in some circumstances editing and saving the “Individual Communication Settings” would result in an error.

This has been resolved and an error will no longer appear.

Surrogates in ClientConnect not able to start a discussion on behalf of their dependent.

Previously, a Surrogate was not able to start a discussion on behalf of their Dependent.

This issue has been resolved, the Surrogate will now be able to start a discussion in their dependent’s Inbox and My Service page.

Technical Support Inquiry wording unclear.

When a ClientConnect user was making a Technical Support Inquiry, the wording was unclear.

This issue has been resolved. Previously it was called “Having troubles setting my password or other setting Client is having Trouble with Service with ClientConnect Account.” now it will be called “Having trouble setting my password or other settings.”

Individuals with ClientConnect accounts that are part of a Case but not a member of the Service File able to view the Service File.

When an Individual is a member of a Case but not a member of the Service File, the ClientConnect user is able to access that Service File.

This issue has been resolved; Individuals logged into ClientConnect will only be able to access Service Files they are a member of.

Blank confirmation page when making a Credit Card Payment using Payflow.

When a payment has been completed a blank page is displayed to the user.

This has now been resolved, the user will be presented with a “Payment successful” with the option to print when their Penelope session is still active. If their session becomes inactive, it will only show “Payment Successful”

SMS Setup fields not displaying.

When setting up SMS, the correct fields for the respective gateways are not showing.

This has now been resolved, the user will be presented with the correct fields for the SMS gateway they use.

“Unexpected Error” in the Collaboration Suite.

When navigating in the Collaboration Suite, the user would receive an “Unexpected Error” message on the screen.

This has now been resolved.

Signature pad not displaying when attempting to sign a Document.

In some circumstances, the Signature pad is not displaying when attempting to sign a Document.

This has now been resolved.

FaHCSIA error when modifying the Primary Worker of a Group that had been used for FaHCSIA.

Group that had been submitted to FaHCSIA were not able to have their Primary Worker changed due to no valid FaHCSIA ID existing.

This has now been resolved, Primary Workers can now be assigned to these Groups without having to set a “FaHCSIA ID” for them.

Age eligibility explanation for ClientConnect Account incorrect.

On the “Message Settings” tab for an Individual without a ClientConnect account, in some circumstances the incorrect reason for not being able to create a ClientConnect account based on the Individual’s age was displayed.

This has now been resolved.

Security question fields no longer cut off when answering on the Worker Profile.

Previously, when a user was setting their security question answers, the drop down was cut off not allowing the user to view the whole question.

This has now been resolved, users will be able to see the full question when answering.

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