The more data, the better! When running a campaign you are interested in all data that is available for your content. Whether it be posts or stories, you want to know how well they are performing.

When looking at Instagram Posts and Stories you can see that Stellar automatically displays Estimated Reach for both. Connecting the accounts of your influencers with Stellar through MySoda also allows you to automatically view metrics such as Actual Reach, Actual Impressions and Story reactions.

Invite your influencers to connect their social accounts via their influencer profile, send them the invitation link andwait for them to accept the connection. Once they have, you can see the actual post reach and impressions on the influencer profile and in the reports containing the posts or Stories!

Sounds complicated? Don't worry, watch this short video below and it'll all be clear!

Of course, you can also still access the data by clicking on the ✏️ at the posts and Stories in your reports and adjust or add data. Which you can find here:

So don't wait any longer, invite your influencers to collaborate with you and get even more insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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