Reports: How to include Instagram Insights ?

Manually include private Instagram insight to your campaign results

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In your reports, Stellar compiles all public data on the performances of your campaign posts.

However, some Instagram interactions are private: 🤫

  • Stories:
    - All interactions (taps backward/forward, sticker taps, impressions, etc.)

  • Posts:
    - Actual Reach & impressions
    - Hidden likes

To include these numbers in your reports (and make them even more complete!), Stellar offers two possibilities: MySoda and Manual Additions.


MySoda is a third-party platform through which influencers can share some of their Instagram insights with your Stellar account.
To learn more about the MySoda connection:
What is MySoda and What does it do?

Manual Additions

When influencers share their insights with you directly, you can add them manually into your reports.

How to?
1/ Open your report
2/ Go to the Posts section
3/ Find the post or Story
4/ Click on the ✏ icon to add the data

5/ The data will be added under the post and integrated to your overall report.

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