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Instagram Audience - How do you analyze Followers & Following Evolution?
Instagram Audience - How do you analyze Followers & Following Evolution?
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Well well, let's see one of our most interesting features in the audience tab! 🤭

Followers & Following is a metric that helps to identify any suspicious trends in the growth of audience or unusual patterns of following performed by an influencer, in the last six months.

Spikes on a Followers Graph might be an indication of an artificial boost of follower count. In some cases, sudden follower growth is detected when a user participates in a giveaway or becomes part of a TV show.

Spikes on a Following Graph in most cases are an indication of mass following.
Seesaw often indicates follow/unfollow patterns when there are thousands of followings performed.

There are multiple ways to boost the number of followers:

  • Purchase from 36 to 75$: Mr.Insta, Poprey, InstaBoostGram

  • Follow for follow: influencer performs mass-following behavior to increase audience number

Note that we do not show these graphs until there is enough historical data to see the dynamics. Usually it takes a one week period for data to be updated. If you are not able to see the following graphs in the report, check back for them later.

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