Reports are designed to track all of the content of your campaign and monitor performances.

When you create a new report, based on a group or a project, you need to specify how long your campaign is running for.

You have the opportunity to choose a starting date up to one month prior to the day on which you are creating the report.

However, there are some limitations to this feature and some of the earlier content may not have been saved on the platform.
This is why it is important that you always start your reports as early as possible when you have the prospect of a new campaign.

What are the limitations?

Although we would love to, Stellar is not able to keep in storage all of the content posted across all social channels at all times. Hence, for each type of content Stellar tracks, the system stores a limited amount of posts for each influencer:

  • Instagram post: 30 latest posts

  • Instagram reel and IGTV: 15 latest videos

  • Instagram story: all of the stories that have been posted since the influencer profile has been part of the Stellar database, i.e since the influencer's profile was created either by the Stellar team or by you.

  • Youtube: 15 latest videos

  • TikTok: 15 latest videos

  • Facebook: 30 latest posts

  • Twitter: 30 latest tweets

This means that when you pre-date a report there is a slight possibility that some posts cannot be retrieved for your report.


Today is the 01st June 2021, you are launching a campaign and a report.
The campaign includes 4 influencers: - @StellarisLife
- @InTheStars

- @4everStellar

- @MySaaS_21

You decide to pre-date the report one month back (01st May 2021) because you know that all influencers have already posted content mentioning your brand.


Creation of the profile

Content posted

Date of the post

Visible in the report


14 Dec. 2020

1 TikTok post

30 May 2021


03 Feb. 2021

2 TikTok posts

21 May 2021


20 May 2021

3 IG stories

18 May 2021


28 May 2021

1 IG story

31 May 2021

So why can you not see the posts from @4everStellar and @InTheStars?

@InTheStars: since he mentioned your brand on 21st May, the influencer has posted 19 other TikTok posts on his channel. We only keep in storage the latest 15 TikTok posts, this is why the two posts mentioning your brand will not appear in your report.

@4everStellar: the stories were posted before the profile was created on Stellar. We only started collected her stories from the 20th May onwards, therefore we are missing the stories from 18th May.

How to integrate the missing posts in my report?

For all type of content except stories, if a post/video/reel/IGTV/tweet does not appear in your report, you have the possibility to add it manually simply by typing in the URL.

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