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Getting started with your Online Store
Getting started with your Online Store

How to set up and customise your Storefront website.

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Your Online Storefront is a public website where potential customers can learn about your business and book/pay for storage with you.

Viewing your Storefront

The easiest way to view your Storefront, is to look for the eye icon in the left-hand sidebar beside Online Store. Pressing this opens your website in a new tab.

Editing your Storefront

Your Storefront can be customised instantly in numerous ways. Here's what you can do:

Update content

When you select Online Store in the sidebar, you'll be taken to Pages. Here you can customise the content of pages like your Homepage, Terms and Privacy. Press edit beside any to be taken to a form to make your modifications.

You'll also find some content for your Site pages on your Site edit forms.

Customise settings

Select the Online Store tab from the left hand side and select Store Settings. This is where you'll update things like your logo, navigation, add Analytics tracking and more.

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